A shared KYC compliant service to prevent Financial Crime and facilitate business relations in the financial market

Invidem provides compliant KYC-information in the Nordics which supports our clients and their customer in maintaining easier, safer financial relations and better customer experiences

The Know-Who starts here

Our mission is simple but not simplistic: We help to build trust in financial markets through knowledge. In practice, this means offering basic KYC-information which is compliant with a standard already agreed upon by the leading Nordic banks, with more than 200 data points. We are to establish a Nordic platform with standardized processes and data sets for handling KYC-information. For our clients, such as banks and other financial institutions, this means information they can trust and use as foundation for their own risk assessments. It also benefits their customers. Financial relationships becomes easier with a more customer friendly experience. Control over the customer relationship stays with the institution.

Before Invidem
With Invidem

KYC-information that drives both business and customer value

Today, the risk of not knowing your customer well enough can be fatal to organisations. The regulatory environment is becoming increasingly complex, both nationally and globally. High values are at stake, both in monetary terms and in reputation. Any business has a moral obligation to know their customers thoroughly to help society combat criminality associated with money laundering and terrorism financing.

Invidem provides its clients with:

  • Access to basic KYC-information and data that meets a standard for compliance, already agreed upon by leading Nordic banks
  • Support to basic functions of KYC-work
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Access to experts which are on the forefront of developments in the field and an organisation committed to innovation
  • A partner which is involved in discussions around regulatory development with key stakeholders

Invidem also benefits our clients’ customers by providing:

  • Improved, efficient and effective work in providing information
  • Easier access to a wider financial market. When the customer has provided their data, all our clients can access it
  • Faster set-up regarding KYC processes

Founded by leading Nordic banks


Invidem was founded in 2019 by six of the major banks in the Nordic countries as a joint initiative to address challenges in AML regulations for the Nordic market:

Danske Bank, DNB, Handelsbanken, Nordea, SEB and Swedbank

Through Invidem, the founding banks have developed a common standard for KYC-information, which is made available through our KYC services and platform. Invidem is fully independent and accessible for everyone requiring effective and compliant KYC-information.