About AML

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations help us prevent money laundering and terrorist financing in a global setting

Money laundering is a serious threat to financial markets and society as a whole

Estimates show that money laundering is 2-5 % of the global GDP each year. This is a serious risk to our society because money laundering is often related to serious illegal activities such as corruption, fraud, tax evasion, drugs, forgery and financing of terrorism.

At the same time, the implications for the financial services industry are far reaching. Prevention of money laundering requires the financial service sector to comply with an increasing number of procedures, laws, and regulations – which drives costs and challenge efficiency. Preventing crime thus has the unfortunate side effect of making financial markets less efficient.

This is where Invidem enters. By helping to gather data and being a single point of entry for KYC-information, Invidem creates trust in the financial system and protects it from misuse – together with clients, the clients customers, regulators and other relevant stakeholders. A win-win where protecting society does not come at the expense of sustaining a friendly business environment.