NEWS | 2 September 2021

Invidem launches unique KYC service on the Nordic market in order to prevent financial crime

Invidem collects, validates and verifies generic KYC information for corporate customers and provides this information to entities under AML regulations. The service uses a Nordic standard for the gathering and quality assurance of the information. The service is now accessible to Nordic businesses requiring generic and compliant KYC information.

Invidem was founded in 2019 by six leading banks in the Nordics – Danske Bank, DNB, Handelsbanken, Nordea, SEB and Swedbank – as a joint venture for the common good. The company utilises technology to create an efficient and effortless KYC process while at the same time advancing modern financial crime prevention.

“We are happy to announce that Invidem is now ready to provide a Nordic, compliant KYC service. Through Invidem’s digital platform, the process of providing KYC information is faster and smoother. Invidem service will make it easier for all companies to capture KYC information in an efficient way based on a common standard,” says Stefan Stignäs, Chairman of the Board.

”Financial crimes such as money laundering and terrorist financing are global threats with a highly detrimental impact on our society and the economic systems that sustain it. We aim to change that,” explains Marit Bø Bornstein, CEO.

”We are very proud to have succeeded and reached this important milestone on the Invidem journey. The road to launch has not been easy – these issues are incredibly complex. Our service is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to preventing money laundering. We aim to simplify the handling of generic KYC information for all involved parties with a supreme user experience as a top priority. Today the KYC future shines brighter than ever,” says Bø Bornstein.

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