NEWS | 22 November 2019

Encouraging feedback from future clients

We aim to reach out over the years ahead, to a large Nordic market of clients that operate under Anti-Money Laundering regulations. We have ambitions beyond serving the founding leading banks in Nordics. There are many more banks, credit and payment institutions that we expect to welcome as our Clients within soon. Others who will benefit from our Compliant KYC Information services are among insurance companies, real estate brokers, accounting and audit firms. All these handle large values on behalf of multiple customers and are part of the frontier towards money laundering and terrorist financing according to current legislation.

We are now meeting with prospective Clients of the Utility. The objectives of these meetings are to explore the interest, set expectations as well as prepare for future business relations. Today we have yet nothing to sell, but we recognize that buying processes in other banks and insurance companies take some.

The feedback we receive is very valuable as we design our offering. But moreover, we are encouraged by the strong and positive interest in our service. We are delighted to hear that we are on the right track, have an important mission and we look forward to meeting high expectations.