NEWS | 11 October 2019

First 100 days of progress

Since the incorporation, July 5th, of the company yet named Nordic KYC Utility AB, ambitious efforts take place on many fronts in parallel. Some of the achievements include:

  • Approaching the Banking Industry Associations, we aim for informing about our mission and ambitions to help the sector better prevent financial crime. Over time we expect to meet with legal as well as technical infrastructure groups in the four Nordic countries in scope.
  • Running proof-of-concepts with selected vendors of systems solutions. These trials are very important for us, as we are creating an innovative and yet unique service. Consequently, we are inventing something new, meaning that we cannot use an existing proven solution. Parallel to this development we are negotiating with vendors for the upcoming implementation contracts.
  • The company is about to define its brand platform as a base for future communication and identity. We expect a new name and profile to visible early 2020.
  • The operating structure is now transforming from a huge multibank project towards a core team building start-up company and forming an organisation for the future.